Shrouded in a fogmire of religious ignorance and against intense persecutory dogma, Galileo, with grace, displaced us from our centric position. And we are no longer the paradigm of Existence. We are not central to the Universe, to this World, nor indeed to Life itself.         Burnt Sienna

When you are old and gray and full of sleep; and nodding by the fire. Take down this book, and slowly read, and dream of the soft look your eyes had once … W B Yeats

In 2001, Scientists Were Finally Able To Determine The Full Human Genome Sequence.
We Can Now Find Our Own Ancestors In Our Genome And Study Our Evolutionary Past.

I might have been a portrait painter;  I would have liked nothing better than to have been recognised as a notable painter on this brief stop over on planet Earth. To introduce myself and my work would have been wonderful  But I am too modest to proceed further; and anyway my enthusiasm has phutted out … Suffice to say that my intention over the next decade or two is to alleviate the ennui by this self-centred venture and perhaps to identify with like-minded life-forms. My journey begins amongst distant stars …. chemistry flashing through the universe  in zip-zip time, billions of earth years ago ….amino acids formed and mutated through gas-forming galaxies and solar systems and settling on our little star called the Sun Nuclear fusion perpetuated in timeless rhythm and cascaded down to our coalescing obloid spheroid . And settled in the murk of Primordia.

Wee Mee

Wee Wes

  What a handsome little fella I was ….. bright eyed and alert, with delicious ringlets cosying up against my sculpted ears and pater-domed forehead


A Big Thanks to my wife Regina who with endless enthusiasm and devotion to the cause, maintained the sanity of the author

Further Dedication to Mum & Dad; without them, I would have been lost in this big big world … kind and Loving, wonderful people; we all say this about our parents… but we were so blessed in having them … with best intentions, 

Date & Place of Writing  Autumn ‘21 The Park