1250 Ancestry Trail

My Ancestral Trail Begins 1250 to 1500

Late Middle 1250-1500

MRCA c. 1250 Without pedigree collapse, a person’s ancestor tree would, on a binary tree, have 1 billion + ancestors c. Middle Ages .In fact all our common ancestors stem from c.1250 AD.

:The Middle Ages, the medieval period of European history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance, are sometimes referred to as the “Dark Ages

🟦🟥🟥1250 MRCA to 1489🟥🟥🟦


1272 ⭕️Edward I

1307 ⭕️Edward II (routed at Bannockburn, and murdered in Berkeley Castle)

1327 ⭕️Edward III (plunged England into fruitless ‘100 Years War’)

1345 🔹Completion of NOTRE DAME

1377 ⭕️Richard II (deposed & died mysteriously in Pontefract Castle)

1399 ⭕️Henry IV (400m world pop )

1413 ⭕️Henry V

1422 ⭕️Henry VI to 1461 (deposed)

1445 🔹Sandro Botticelli

1450 🔹H Bosch

1452 (15th Apr) ➡️ LEONARDO DA VINCI

1455 🔹THE WAR OF THE ROSES 🔹 1485

1461 ⭕️Edward IV

1471 🔹Albrecht Durer

1473 🔹Copernicus

1483 ⭕️Edward V /⭕️Richard III


1485 ⭕️ Henry VII

1500 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (world pop 500m)


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