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British History TimeLine (1600 – 1645)

Charles (I) born


Feb 25


Mar 24 Death of Queen Elizabeth I


Nov 6 Charles becomes heir to the throne


Apr 23 Oliver Cromwell enters university


James I travels to Scotland


Aug 22


Mar 27 Charles I becomes King of England
May 11 Proxy marriage of Charles and Henrietta Maria
Jun Charles’ First Parliament
Jun 13 Charles marries Henrietta Maria
Aug Plague
Oct Failure of Cadiz expedition
Dec 9 Treaty of the Hague


Feb Charles’ Second Parliament
Feb Plague lessens
Feb 2 Charles crowned
Jun 15 Charles’ second Parliament dissolved


Mar Charles’ Third Parliament
Jun 26 Parliament dissolved
Aug 23


May 13 Birth of Charles’s first child


May 29 Charles (II) born
Jul 15 Cromwell defends rights 


Birth of Princess Mary


Feb London Bridge Fire
Apr 10 Bananas first seen in England
Oct 14 Birth of James (II, King of England and Scotland)


Cromwell inherits land in Ely


Coins minted at Aberystwyth Castle


May Charles advances on Scotland
Jun 18 Treaty of Berwick


Caerlaverock Castle captured
Apr 13 The Short Parliament
Jul 8 Henry Stuart born
Aug 20 Scots invade the north of England
Aug 28 Battle of Newburn Bridge
Sep 24 The Great Council called
Oct 26 The Treaty of Ripon
Nov 3 The Long Parliament


Feb Marriage negotiations
Mar 22 Trial of Earl Strafford begins
May 12 Strafford Executed
Oct Irish Rebellion
Nov 22 Grand Remonstrance
Dec 21 William Balfour dismissed


Canterbury Cathedral vandalised
Armies gather weapons
Jan 4 Charles attempts arrests
Feb 13 Charles agrees to Bishops’ Exclusion Bill
Feb 23 The Queen looks for support
Mar Earl of Warwick takes control of navy
Apr Robert Monro attacks the Irish
Apr 23 Charles refused entry to Hull
Aug 21 Dover Castle captured
Aug 22 Charles I raises standard at Nottingham Castle
Sep Prince Rupert at Leicester
Sep 9 Earl of Essex leaves London
Sep 13 Charles leaves Nottingham
Sep 20 Charles reaches Shrewsbury
Sep 23 Royalist victory at Powick Bridge
Oct 12 Charles leaves Shrewsbury
Oct 23 Battle of Edgehill
Oct 27 Banbury captured by Royalists
Oct 29 Charles makes Oxford his base
Nov 4 Prince Rupert attacks Windsor Castle
Dec Winter at Oxford


Dartmouth Castle siege
Feb 22 Queen Henrietta Maria returns
Mar 24 Waller gets Royalist surrender
Apr 13 Battle of Ripple Field
Apr 20
May Destruction of (Old) Wardour Castle
Jul 5 Battle of Lansdowne Hill
Jul 10 Royalists cornered at Devizes
Jul 13 Battle of Roundway Down
Aug Corfe Castle rescued
Dec 20 Arundel Castle Siege


Beeston Castle under Royalist control
Caernarvon Castle captured
The Scots invade northern England
Feb Haverfordwest Castle falls
Mar 29 Battle of Cheriton
May Advance on Oxford
Jun Rupert advances on York
Jun 29 Battle of Cropredy Bridge
Jul 2 Battle of Marston Moor
Jul 16 York falls to the Parliamentarians
Sep 2 Royalist victory at Lostwithiel
Oct 27 Second battle of Newbury
Nov 9 Charles returns to Donnington
Dec 9 Parliament debates the failures of the army
Dec 19 Self-Denying Ordinance


Feb 15 The Lords passes the Ordinance
Mar Cromwell rejoins his army
Jun 14 Battle of Naseby
Jun 18 Leicester Surrenders
Jul 10 Battle of Langport
Jul 21 Bridgwater falls to Fairfax
Jul 29 Bath falls to the Parliamentarians
Aug 15 Sherborne Castle taken by Fairfax
Aug 18 Montrose enters Glasgow
Sep Royalist losses
Sep 10 Royalists surrender Bristol
Sep 13 Battle of Philiphaugh
Sep 24 Battle of Rowton Heath
Sep 26 Berkeley Castle falls to Parliamentarians
Nov Beeston falls to the Parliamentarians