1755 A 15 meter (49 feet) high tsunami hits Lisbon, Portugal, causing tens of thousands of deaths. England and other West-European countries are hit by a lower wave.
1770-1772 The last major Black Plague epidemic in Europe breaks out in Russia. Various others happened in earlier in the century and the century before.
1771 Opening of the Amis Reunis Lodge in Paris, later said to be allied with the deist and anti-church and anti-monarchist Bavarian Illuminati. The Marquis de Lafayette, Count de Mirabeau, Robespierre and others linked to the later French revolution, and sometimes the Bavarian Illuminati, are members of the lodge. Founding Father and author Thomas Paine is another member.
1776 The U.S. Declaration of Independence. Under the leadership of the Founding Fathers, the United States declares itself independent from England. The American War of Independence follows.
1783 The Laki volcanic eruption in Iceland of 0.4 km3 DRE and the subsequent “Laki haze”. Eruptions last for several months. A toxic hydrogen fluoride and sulfur dioxide haze appears over Europe and North America. The cloud itself and extreme weather phenomena is suspected to have killed over 6 million people on Iceland (20-25% of the population; 60% of the livestock), in the United States, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
1788 Great Britain begins the colonization of Australia as a result of losing the United States as a colony.
1789 Beginning of the French Revolution against the monarchy and the church. It lead to the birth of the French Republic in much the same fashion as the American Republic. It’s interesting to note that the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, written by the Marquis de Lafayette, features the same All Seeing Eye symbolism as used on the back seal of the U.S. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was U.S. minister to France 1778-1785, Founding Father Thomas Jefferson 1785-1789. Most likely there was a degree of conspiring in the background to get rid of monarchist and catholic interests.
1797 The Proofs of a Conspiracy book is released, influenced by the Catholic Church and its allied royal families as the Habsburgs. It tries to expose the existence of the Bavarian Illuminati and its role in the French Revolution.
1804-1815 Napoleon is emperor of France and conquers much of Europe. He abolishes the Holy Roman Empire. He is eventually defeated by the Russian Tsarist Empire
1804-1918 Austrian empire under continued Habsburg rule. It continues the war against Napoleon and eventually wins. In 1867 Austria and Hungary become separate kingdoms, but continue to be ruled by the Habsburgs.