World War 2 Diary – 1940


🔲Britain in Norwegian Fjords

🔲Britain releases its prisoners from Altmark (Graf Spee) Norway waters

🔲Auschwitz near completion


🔲10th Churchill PM

🔲Germany controls ➡Algeria/NAfrica



🔲The Phoney War Ⓜ


💥Final Assault on France @The Somme (5th)

(Mum’s 27th Birthday)

🔲 North Africa Campaign from 10 June 1940 to 13 May 1943


* 10 June: The Kingdom of Italy declares war upon France and the United Kingdom<ref>Playfair v.I, p. 109</ref>

* 14 June: British forces cross from Egypt into Libya and capture [[Fort Capuzzo]]<ref name=”Paterson1940″>{{cite web|url=|title=History of the British 7th Armoured Division: Engagements – 1940| last=Paterson| first=Ian A.|accessdate=2008-01-02|archiveurl=|archivedate=2007-08-14}}</ref>

* 16 June: The first tank battle of the North African Campaign takes place, the “[[Frontier Wire (Libya)|Engagement at Nezuet Ghirba]]”<ref name=”Paterson1940″/>

* 13 September: Italian forces [[Italian invasion of Egypt|invade Egypt]] from [[Libya]]

* 16 September: Italian forces establish front east of [[Sidi Barrani]]

* 9 December: British and Indian forces launch [[Operation Compass]] with the Battle of Marmarica (Battle of the camps)

* 9 December: Indian forces capture Nibeiwa with cover from British artillery

* 9 December: British tanks and Indian troops overrun Tummar West followed by Tummar East

* 10 December: Indian forces capture [[Sidi Barrani]] with support from British artillery

* 11 December: British armoured forces arrived in Sofafi but Libyan and Italian divisions escaped

* 16 December: [[Sallum|Sollum]] captured by Allies

9th Germans reach The Seine

10th Italy declares war on Britain and France

Canada nz aus declare war on italy


15th Poles to Auschwitz

🔲 21st/22nd The French Armistice

Southern France

🔲 Vichy France collaborationists

Germany ➡ Channel Islands


🔲 VF considers joining Kriegsmarine

3rd> Britain ships Attack French ships killing 1300 french sailors

Romania ↔️ Germany

VF ↔️ Germany

VF attacks British Ships

Italy fights Royal Navy in Med. Sea

Italy bombs 💥Malta (11th)

💥Attack on BRITAIN💥💥

10th Phase 1 100 luftwaffe attack south coast

 🔲Operation Sealion is approved

Fighting in Med Middle East Burma etc



10th Eagle Day  (Attack Airfields for 2weeks) close to breaking

24th Aug 💥RAF Airfields Phase 2 and London bombed that night 

Bomber lost his way

First civilian target of the battle 

UK then  struck Berlin


Britain RAF at breaking point 7th German strategy was working but Hitler stopped & instead attacked London by day >

🔲7th  💥💥💥 THE BLITZ 💥💥💥 (-31st May)incl NIreland

🔲15th 💥💥Massive assault on London💥💥continuous for a month 


🔲Auschwitz Camp extermination starts 

🔲💥💥6th beginnng of Night raids on London💥💥

🔲12th Op Sealion cancelled

🔲💥The London Blitz continues

🔲The Burma Road in construction

🔲16th Warsaw Ghetto set up (500,000 within the month)

26th Italy➡Greece



🔲The Battle of Britain continues

🔲The Middle East War continues

🔲Battle of the AtlanticThe Sea War continues

🔲Italy ▶Greece War continues in Albania Greeks getting the upper hand



Continuation as above

Plans for Germany to ➡The Balkan States and Russia

Xmas Day8



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