Late Middle Ages (1250 – 1500)

Famine / Black Death / War of the Roses
1250 MRCA

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If you consider the number of a given individual’s ancestors who were alive at a certain time , it is likely that for most individuals this maximises at around 1250 AD. Some geneticists believe that everybody on Earth is at least 50th cousin to everybody else
1272 Edward I

England probably had a population of about 2 million. (Much less than in Roman times). However the population grew rapidly. It may have reached about 5 or 6 million by 1300307 Edward II  (routed at Bannockburn, and murdered in Berkeley Castle)

1327 Edward III  (plunged England into fruitless ‘100 Years War’)

1345 Completion of NOTRE DAME

1377 Richard II  (deposed & died mysteriously in Pontefract Castle)

1399 Henry IV (400m world pop )
The 14th century in England saw the Great Famine and the Black Death, catastrophic events that killed around half of England’s population, throwing the economy into chaos and undermining the old political order. Social unrest followed, resulting in the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381, while the changes in the economy resulted in the emergence of a new class of gentry, and the nobility began to exercise power through a system termed bastard feudalism. Nearly 1,500 villages were deserted by their inhabitants and many sought new opportunities in the towns and cities. New technologies were introduced, and England produced some of the great medieval philosophers and natural scientists. English kings in the 14th and 15th centuries laid claim to the French throne, resulting in the Hundred Years’ War. At times England enjoyed huge military success, with the economy buoyed by profits from the international wool and cloth trade

1300 5 million  ♦️1 million virtual direct ancestors
1307 Edward II  (routed at Bannockburn, and murdered in Berkeley Castle)

1320  FAMINE in England   (Agricultural crisis)    

1327 Edward III  (plunged England into fruitless ‘100 Years War’)

1348-49 The Black Death reached England 1/3 died
It killed about 1/3 of the world’s population of 450m to 350m

(The plague returned again and again the pop severely reduced by perhaps 50%)

1350 (2 m)   ♦️520,000 putative ancestors

1377 Richard II  (deposed & died mysteriously in Pontefract Castle)

1391 John SCARBOROUGH (1391 – 1473) my 16th great-grandfather (1/128k ggf)

1399 Henry IV (400m world pop )


1400 back to 2 perhaps 2.5 million ♦️130,000
1413 Henry V

1422 Henry VI  to 1461 (deposed)

1425 War of the Roses  1485     ♦️65,000     440 John Scarburgh (1440 – 1472) son of John Scarburgh445 Sandro Botticelli

1450 H Bosc         ♦️32,8001450 the country was in crisis, facing military failure in France and an ongoing recession. More social unrest broke out, followed by the

1450                               ♦️32,800

1453 Fall of Constantinople

moveable printing end of war of roses

columbus globalisation trade and people to the new world

1452 (15th Apr) LEONARDO DA VINC1452 LEONARDO 1519


1461 Edward IV
1467 Henry Scarburgh (1467 – 1528) son of John Scarburgh

1471 Albrecht Durer

1473 Copernicus

1483 Edward V /Richard III

1485 Henry VII

WAR OF THE ROSES Richard III (York) Killed at Bosworth Field 1485

1485 Henry VII’s (Lancaster) victory convent. marks the end of the Middle Ages and the start of the Early Modern period.

1495 John Scarborough III (1495 – 1540)son of Henry Scarburgh_

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