The Very Right Honourable,The Very Very Reverend,Lord High Commissioner,Lord High
Executioner,His Excellency
Lord (Heavy Brown) Suitcase.

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is with the fawnest pleasure,
That I write to you,your most inestimable Learned Lord.
If it pleases you, most erudite Peer, Great Social Reformer,
Devout Child of the Kirkus Catholicum Romanorum,
Peacemonger exemplary
Healer of Men,Illustrious Bibliographer,most kind and humble Philanthropist,
Socialist Extraordinaire,
Supporter of the downtrodden,
Peacemaker to the starving
Most kind
Most humble
Most soft spoken
Most open-faced
Most open-minded,
Most great Parliamentarian , in your most humble servant’s opinion,
in the entire History of the British Parliament .

May I ask for a few pounds to see me through the Winter?
I remain, in perpetuity,
your most humble,
devout,and eternally grateful
Servile servant,
Old Mother Hubbard

Reply dated 15th inst.

Dear Mother Hubbard

Yours etc.
Lordo di Lordi
Antonio Mirandorum

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