1300 Pop. 4/ 1320 FAMINE in England (Agricultural crisis)
1348-49 🔵The Black Death reached England 1/3 died (It killed about 1/3 of the world’s population of 450m) The plague returned again and again.
The population severely reduced by perhaps 50%). 1350 (2 m). 1400 (pop 2.5 million )1400 back to 2/2.5m.
1425 War of the Roses
1440 🔵moveable printing 🔵end of war of roses
Columbus 🔵globalisation ➡️trade and people to the ➡️New World

The Early medieval period saw a series of invasions of Britain by the Germanic-speaking Saxons, beginning in the 5th century. Anglo-Saxon kingdoms were formed and, through wars with British states, gradually came to cover the territory of present-day England. Around 600, seven principal kingdoms had emerged, beginning the so-called period of the Heptarchy. During that period, the Anglo-Saxon states were Christianised (the conversion of the British ones had begun much earlier). In the 9th century, Vikings from Denmark and Norway conquered most of England. Only the Kingdom of Wessex under Alfred the Great survived and even managed to re-conquer and unify England for much of the 10th century, before a new serie

Early Medieval (Byzantine) ( 500 – 1000)
High Middle Ages 1000 – 1250 ~
Late  Middle Ages (1250 – 1500)

Out of the dark Ages into the Light (Renaissance)