🔵Early Middle Ages ⏰500 – 1000

 (500 Plague)

 (Early Medieval Period)  

 (aka.the Dark Ages ie.lacking culture)


800 🔵The Viking Age (793-1066)

Another great wave of invasion came in the 9th century. The Danes conquered North and Eastern England. At that time England was divided into kingdoms and they only one left was the southern kingdom of Wessex led by Alfred the Great. Alfred eventually defeated the Danes and they made a treaty. They split southern and central England between them. The Danes took London, East Anglia and all the territory east of the old Roman road, Watling Street. Alfred took the land west of Watling Street and southern England. 

900 However in the 10th century Wessex gradually expanded and took over all the Danish territory. So a single united England was created. The Danish settlers were gradually assimilated into English society

High Middle Ages

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