Burnt had survived the night’s chill
He focused on his predicament
What now my dear sticky friend, he questioned himself, with growing frustration

What say you to a round of golf- that might help resolve this situation ?Good golly miss Barrett ~ What say you?
He curled up and bringing his two ends together, stickily made himself into an oval.
With great determination which he had inherited from his maternal grandfather Benjamin Button
Burnt managed to right himself and pushing  against the ground, went careering down the hill-path straight towards the entrance gates

The friendly – looking fat lollipop lady stretched out her fat leg
and planted her fat foot firmly in front of Burnt
Stopping the runaway liquorice dead!

“Mmm….” mused Mary “Yum yum come to Mum” She picked up the roll and plonked Burnt right into her capacious mouth ; her well-worn gums sucked deep on the liquorice
and she started to swallow  our little transmogrified friend
~ with a thirsty genetic need
It sounded like a thief struggling to to extricate himself from treacle covered detective

Burnt was being altered from a solid state into a liquid one
He swallowed in dread
Think fast my friend !  little time left ….

Mary swallowed his head and straight down her oesophagus went he
There emitted a sound of a squelchy nature – burp blurb gullop
It looked like it was curtains for Burnt

But just as Burnt’s drapes were being drawn obituarilly, Mary turned a dark purply blue and bent over in a convulsive manner .. she was choking on some thick portion of Burnt ~  an indigestible piece … probably his developing hypothalamus
And Burnt was projected violently out of her gullet and onto the ground, hitting the ground with a resounding splash and now trickled with ease onto the side of the road and down the drain which led  to the street culvert…