At first glance it would appear that the Artist is facing away from the observer

But in fact the artist is looking TOWARDS  the viewer. Time and stress have etched away his countenance ~ his moustache has been seamlessly made one with his beard and now fully covers his once handsome features. Frail and with his eyesight fading, the artist not only is facing his future with uncertainty but with a degree of cerebral stumbliness and inexactitude …


An astute observer might have noticed that Burnt has clearly put his shirt on backwards – a sign perhaps of further cerebral disrepair {Editor}


He views life’s imponderables now with a measured indifference And now lives  alone, without sight nor apparent insight. He would prefer to be left alone –  to have time to rest in the cabbage patch beside the garden pond, And to whisper soft bubbles of comfort to his beloved fresh-water Sienna Koi