Burnt swirled and was swept hither thither through conduits of unknown originThe years past

Burnt transmutted further  in a fabulous and whimsical way

fetid though it must have been

Tens of thousands and 100s of thousands of time – distance past

and many a sleepless night had hebut then a stronger smell awakened him from his slumber

The mixed smells of stagnation and Jayes Fluid suffused the enclosed pipes

Burnt made his way up towards a thin strip of pale light
He looked up and saw a blue sky crossed by five narrow metal bars ()I()
A shadow crossed over the grate cover and a gentleman’s face appeared
He brought his face closer to the grate.

The gentleman looked concerned but a benign expression etched on his handsome open face  dissuaded Burnt from squigging …
Then, a strong hand reached down and lifted him carefully out of the street drain