So began the long inexorable tendentious journey linking
Man and Woe Man
That journey would cascade their combined DNA
down to each and every one of us;
The Genes would meet terrible and initially insurmountable obstacles but eventually would traverse many lands
Cross many inlets and rivers;
And reach its peak in the land of the Angry Ones.


….into the evening

Ho walked quietly through the day

And on tip-toe through the night

He strolled through the following

nights and the next nights and further into the months and years

He ambled wistfully through the


He walked through a large pane of glass

The pain was excruciating

The pane shattered

And Ho found himself in an old-fashioned Edwardian Bookshop

Above the counter,a sign written in olive-green ornate letters

“No Blacks”

That sign is misleading….. started Ho

“No returns after dark” explained the wizened wretchedly thin seller of books

Oh oh ok

Adam spoke “I want to return this cookery book; my wife read the recipe for Mongoose Soup

but there are numerous spelling errors and we were violently sick

First mongoose is spelt with a z

French mon gouze

Latin Mono Gosium

German Mein Gott

Irish “is it yourself?

But this excursion to the Bookshop made him consider a new flavour

The flavour of Learning and Enquiry


There is no z in soup
There is no flavour either
Who wrote this shit!

Don Rog a Gnarled Norse god
recipied a cheesed meal for Mary Roodsnag

miserable Mary sat heavily stooped on her tuffet
eating scraps of left-over cheeslings

Initially she was not mindful of the large gangling arachnid

approaching her seating area

But when it placed itself at her side

She dropped her curd-bowl and stumbled away from the unsettling scene”

Mo read with great excitement