A Class Act

“United Nations Bill of Wrongs “

It is wrong to help the poor
Poor by birth, poor by nature
Poor because they don’t make the effort
Sod ’em!
It is wrong to feed the starving:
Let them get off their skinny arses and look for food in the scrapheaps of Humanity

It is wrong to help the sick
For treatment plans and
Medicine cost money
Doctors can’t be expected to treat them without significant remuneration

It is wrong to clothe the naked
One is sure they like it that way
For recycling returns a greater profit

It is wrong to support the weak
Survival of the fittest and all that

It is wrong to help the downtrodden and homeless
(god knows what you’d pick up from them!)

Make a profit whatever it takes
Build a strong portfolio
Own as many Houses as you can

Use your past glory to
Generate large sums of money
Tuck to one side your socialism
Don’t lend a penny to any needy bastard-Ragged trousered Phil
Accrue wealth and stow it away
Take homes from others and make sound investments
Be aware of your right to do so
Aware of your Importance
In society
In history
In foreign affairs
The bathroom
The holidays abroad
Free if possible
The social setting that you so perfectly deserve
Know that the ills of this world
Will not be visited upon you and your kind
Know that this is how it should be
Know that you were destined for all this wealth and the security that comes with it

Ye cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven with a heavy suitcase (Here,let me help you)
It is with great difficulty that you will be able to pass through the eye of a needle , encumbered with your wealth
But let’s make a bloody good stab at it