A  🔸Altruism

B  🔺Buttbook

C  🔸Chess

D  🔸Drawing

E  🔸Entomology

F  🔸French  Films

G 🔸Greek Mythology

H 🔸Hymns

I   🔸Invertebrates

J  🔸Jazz

K 🔺Killers

L  🔸Latin

M 🔸Maths

N  🔸NI Politics

O  🔸Opera

P  🔸Pond Life

Q  🔸Queer Folk

R  🔸Religious Confusion

S  🔸Surgical

T  🔸Taxonomy

U  🔸UK Politics

V  🔸Vacuum Cleaning

W  🔸Women

X  🔸Xenophobia

Y  🔸Yesterday

Z   🔸Zoology


🔺Perineal Itch

🔺Science & Reason




I am an Amateur Gynaecologist with a love of Maidenhair Ferns and a fondness for interpreting Vermeer's Paintings as Metaphors ...

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