Baroque Music Catalogue

Classical : Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Beethoven is the great composer that everybody loves …
Talented but troubled  .. the great Ludwig was filled with humanity and angst
` Ill-tempered and frustrated with his progressing deafness
he expressed himself in his profound music
He was a new Romantic composer, in a new progressive expression of Music
A real individual … living and composing on his own … thinking on his own …
and socially thwarted  because of his deafness,

As Beethoven moved deeper into his music…he became more innovative and extraordinarily expressive
Beethoven influenced the change and development of music

Beethoven’s Genius and his Deafness moved me away from what I had been taught … that there was a Cause and a Purpose in our being here; bestowed on us by a benevolent anthropocentric and anthropomorphic God, who had our interests held deep within his aching heart.

That this great composer became totally deaf would very much suggest a major Divine error!



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