Benjamin Button


The length of the Nile

Is just over a mile

And its width half that distance times two

The depth of its sea

Is just over my knee

And its waters a soft azure blue

” Indeed! ” said old Ben ….

” Why .the square of the root

Of a size seven boot

Is double the width of the zip;

The paste and the dye

Leave the leather quite dry;

And the sole has the requisite grip ”

They laughed and they talked

Filled their pipes as they walked 

To the gates of the Cordwainer’s shop, 

Which has stood on this hill

Since the old watermill was removed

and they levelled the top.

It sits at the meet

Of the old Dover street

And the Avenue St.Magdalene

Its awnings are bright crimson stippled with white

And the windows a dark olive green

The brocade is gold – thread

With silver inlay

And the cross beam and Arches are clad

In a deep copper sheen

Lined with pale aubergine

Adding charm to the tidy facade


I am an Amateur Gynaecologist with a love of Maidenhair Ferns and a fondness for interpreting Vermeer's Paintings as Metaphors ...

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