The  elegant roundness of this girl’s bottom as she reclines across the draped Bohemian Chaise longue …
The motion of a young lady’s butt  as she swishes her way through the brothel gates
The nurse with her green gingham uniform tight to her bottom as she bends down to smooth the covers
I  have accidentally brushed against some
And have been, at opportune moments, a very happy frotteur.
I have studied their contours and have delineated a few with wax crayon on cartridge paper.
I have kneaded slim firm buttocks and indeed have planted soft kisses, like tips of folded wing, upon the more receptive and animate.
I am, in short, a GLUTEOPHILE.
I have been very fortunate in my quest; for, alas, Beauty is not in every shape and form and  admirable buttocks are indeed rare and illusory
But we must persevere and be alert at all times.

I grew up with little female company in a strict home bereft of Love and nurture and knew then that I was destined to be a priest.
I advanced through my studies with a confidence bordering on mania
My fellow acolytes tended to be introspective and morose
whilst I preferred the open countryside around Macnoise
I began to notice the lasses on their bicycles cycling to the village on an errand for their mothers
They would shyly smile at me and I in turn would nod my head in priestly fashion
Then I would reduce my pedal action and drop in behind them to attend to my duties

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