Prose Toast : Clouds & Creed

Godhead is not a reasonable proposition .
If there is no god, then this reflection is unnecessary.

 But to reflect on the possibility is interesting

      Something that is Finite would be described as Temporal –

      Temporary passing and at some point ending.
      I would imagine that the last characteristic of God would be finite.

      God cannot be     Finite; It is either Infinite or it is not.

Those fluffy white clouds, drifting above the Earth, forming and reforming – dissipating in an instant ,over this ever-evolving terrestrial  landscape, together with the rising and the setting  Sun, are the clouds and the sun that Beethoven looked up at, as he walked the countryside composing his 6th Symphony.
As we drift on through time – space with all the other animals  we share this world with, that same sun that is now shining today, and the same cloud-forming weather , will continue at least for another 5 billion years.

And we should be humble and remain in awe at such Wonder!

Surely it is reasonable to define God as Infinite.
But that presents problems – An infinite entity would not create life forms with finite properties. Indeed what would finite mean to an Infinite Why  in fact would an Infinite Being WANT  to create ?
And, more importantly, an Infinite Entity would not require parameters to create. It therefore does not need to reason and in fact doesn’t reason. And by extrapolation being unreasoning … isn’t !

The theory of Creationism has one small weakness –  – Creation is in an instant. Time is not a concomitant of Creationism and most certainly is a proven requisite for Evolution.




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