One bright sunny Sunday -(described by the BBC Weather Forecast Services as being quite bright  but with little rain in the morning  & remaining generally dry through the afternoon with some possible short periods of intermittent rain & with the possibility of some more prolonged light rain later in the evening; & in fact wetter than it had been earlier) Burnt arrived

The general meteorological long term analysis for the weekend had been not withstanding the variables of natural change  that

It would be dry with rainy spells remaining wet when it wasn’t dry;

Some rain later with less rain when the clouds had past and quite dry when it wasn’t raining ;some clouds forming and coming in from the East or was it from the West would herald a change in the weather

Together with an increasing or decreasing Wind speed


That Sunny Sunday -Yellow was born;

Ass first, with a bump

a repositor of those very genes

And was at last where he wanted to be:

Home : Book Street

Next door to Lord Shaftsbury

That bright Easter Sunday GW breathed the perfumed air of his parents’ front bedroom and for that moment

Was an innocent at home

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