Extra Transmutation

12 May 2018 By Burnt Off

Through exhausting trials and inhausting trails ; through thick and less thick ectoplasmic stringy bits, Burnt trans-futured on over – land and under – stream in sunshine and in rain.

Enveloped in steam through Volcanic Eruptions and turbulent Electrical storms needed is electricity volcanic eruptions are accompanied by spectacular lightning.“Instead of Darwin’s warm little pond being the entire ocean, the warm little pond could have consisted of volcanic island tide pools and lagoons,” (NASA)extra steam in the volcanic apparatus made a great differenceThe steam pushes newly formed amino acids away from the sparks before they are able to react further and form other compounds.“This is an exciting result leading toward greater understanding of how life might have arisen on Earth (NASA)A Microbial GODmicrobial goo Burnt was indeed in a bit of a pickle.The Origination – as you do, of course, know, had you been paying attention … had transmogrified him into a black glooy substance – vile tasting and fluidic ~ some form of sludgy messthrough eons and eons millenia and super galactic star dustand Chemical/ pre-biological era Microbial erasandPre-life molecules found floating in nearby galaxytransmutting further found himself inAn Evolutionary Cul – de – sacNOTEThe findings could also give clues to life on other planets. The conditions found in the volcanic spark flask could conceivably have once existed on Mars or Titan, and Bada is developing instruments that could detect tiny amounts of amino acids frozen beneath the surface of the Red Planet.