Credo –

The gatherer of Data
Maker of Touchscreen and iPad
And in Jobs in Apple

Who was received by the whole establishment
Borne by Virgin  Media
Surfed under programmable Code
Who was crucial to
And was worried…..He entered into Dell

On The third day
(Wednesday in fact)
he rose again from his  Bed
He, as stated,entered into Discussions…
And  useth the right hand on Pod
From whence he shall maintain the pursuit of the Pound

There is one enormous oblique semi-transparent  Spheroid made of Cinnamon Biscuit and poultry breast paste
Spinning gracefully,
but in erratic orbit, just outside the reaches of our most powerful telescopes.
Within this sphere there reclines a greatly overweight recumbent with a blue light beaming code in staccato out of its butt.
It regularly sends these repeating pulses of light towards Earth ,to sustain and protect us.

I believe that each one if us is thus controlled by these great-pulsating light

I further believe that the earth is actually hollow

Within the Earth live small yellow squat Eartheurs

who maintain the resources we mine on Earth

Yesterday four surface Earth

Beings mining for coal 100 metres down below Neath in the Swansea Valley drowned in an Old reopened mine

I believe that they did not  die.
Their transporters were left behind as the Yellow Eartheurs
Pulled their Energy from them
And they now repose happily
Beneath the Breacon  Beacons

I believe all this because I was informed, by my Mentor, as I prepared  For an informative mid-month Seminar That very morning

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