Three different stories from three different sources. Story from Jeanne Aerts – grand-daughter of Georgina. Told her grandmother was raised by an aunt as her mother was only 16 when she gave birth. It is very unlikely another child was born to. Thomas Anderson and Helen Chisholm. Also called Ann Anderson and born 1872 Jeanne’s Parents Betty Pettican and Denis Aerts married in 1954. They met whilst Betty was nursing Denis’s mum Georgina in hospital. They divorced about 1990. Betty left Denis as he had a drink problem. Denis died in 2006. Betty is still alive and lives in the Lake District with her 2nd husband Jeanne remembers an Aunt Frances and stories of an uncle Jimmy…. Her father Denis Maria Aerts told her that Frances was not a real aunt. She never questioned this as she was only a child. Aunt Francis by Jeanne recollections was the girlfriend of her grandfather Octave. Jeanne never knew her grandmother as she died before she was born, so accepted aunt Frances into this role. Octave died in 1972 when Jeanne was 14 Aunt Francis died in 1990 and had remained in Jeanne’s life. Jeanne married Keith Taylor in 1995 but the marriage did not last long. Jeanne has 3 children Ellen Hazel Aerts born 1984 Ruby Joyce Aerts born 1989 Joseph Taylor Maurice Aerts born 1995. Aunt Francis was very annoyed that Jeanne was not married when she had her daughters and made her feelings very clear. Often mentioning her own children had been born in wedlock. This seems an odd thing to repeat…However FreeBMD notes the wedding of James Inglis and Frances Stutter took place in March quarter 1919 and their son Douglas was born December quarter 1919… so was Frances pregnant when she married James? Octavius was a family man and chef. His own father had been a big drinker After Denis’s death Jeanne found all his papers. From these she found 2 cousins called Doreen and Francis. These were the daughter of the Aunt Francis she remembered. Jeanne contacted both ladies and although initially pleased to hear from her, once Jeanne started to ask about her past, both ladies made it clear family secrets should be left in the past. Jeanne then found a generation down, another Francis, daughter of the above Francis. She told Jeanne that she was not even privy to the family secret whatever it was. Jeanne has 2 cousins’ daughters of her aunt Yvonne, sister to her father Denis. Yvonne died in 2000 and Jeanne was aware of a family fall out after this time. Denis died in 2006 this is when Jeanne found her fathers paperwork…… As well as addresses of cousin there were photos of past family a beautiful bracelet and her fathers will. For whatever reason, during their lifetimes, Yvonne and Denis the children of Octavius and Georgina wrote wills that benefitted the other on their deaths. Jeanne found her father was quite a wealthy man and she was the sole beneficiary Memories from Anne Black daughter of George Darling Her father

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