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Geneticists use DNA to trace the migration of our ancestors out of Africa and into Europe, and have discovered that there are Neanderthal genes in most people.

Genetic genealogy is the use of DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical and historical records.[1] Genetic genealogy involves the use of genealogical DNA testing together with documentary evidence to infer the relationship between individuals

0-T (A-L1085) 200,000 years ago A1 161,300 ya  (Africa) (P305)???♦️A1b (P108) ???
BT (M94)(Africa)80,000 – 70,000 ya Inbreeding/Neanderthal (1-4%DNA)

♦️A1b2 (M91) (a defining mutation)
MIGRATION♦️CT (M168) 50,000 ya NAsia MEast♦️CF  (M89) 60,000 – 45,000 ya MEast SWAsia ( SEAustralia)♦️F1 (1 of 3 haplotypes)♦️GHIJK  50,000   its major clade which branches to either G or HIJK♦️HIJK

(F929/M578/PF3494/S6397)♦️IJKK (M9)  S Russia♦️K2 (M526) (K-xlT) Originated in indonesia

♦️KP331 48,000 K2b

2 mtDNA

In 15 generations, you have 32,768 ancestors. That is how we know for sure that we all descend from the same ancestor multiple times.
Our number of ancestors quickly exceeds the world population.
In 30 (25 years) generations, in about the year 1263, we reach about 1 billion ancestors.
In 1750, there were 791 million people on Earth,
in 1600, 580 million,
in 1500, 458 million
and in 1000, 310 million.

We know that we very likely descend several times from a much smaller group of ancestors within a local group

THE ICE AGE 9M45) 35,000 – 8,000BC maritime SEANCANWAsiaRussia♦️K2b2 or P-P295R (M207) NWAR-Y482R1 (M173) 28,000BC  NWA Europe


R1b M343 WEST EUROPE (and red indians and kurds) from the russian steppes♦️R1b1 (R-L278)♦️R1b1a L754 15,000 yaRL389R-P297♦️R-M269 R1b1a1a2 3000 bc (110m males in europe)R-L23R-L51R-L151R-U106 (M405/ S21) King H IV of Fr same patrilines to R-M405 fatherP (M45)

35,000 –8,000BC maritime SEANCANWAsiaRussia♦️K2b2 or P-P295R (M207O0 NWAR-Y482R1 (M173028,000BC NWA Europe