30 million🟪🟪 Hominoidea super family (Hominoids all apes)
A Hylobatidae Lesser Apes (the gibbons)
🟪B Hominidae (Hominids or Great Apes) a clade 7 extant sp
1 Ponginae (2 Orangs)
2 Homininae sub-family
1 Gorillini (2 Gorillas)
Hominini tribe
2 Panini 2Pan (Bonobos) / Pan troglodytes (Chimps)

The fossil record, along with studies of human and ape DNA, indicate that humans shared a common ancestor with chimpanzees and bonobos sometime around 6 million years ago
The Human-Chimpanzee Last Common Ancestor (HC-LCA) is the species from which the hominin lineage and the chimpanzee & bonobo lineage diverged.

6 mya
3 Hominina sub-tribe (Hominins / Humans) ↘️6.0 🔹Homo splits off from the chimpanzee Genus PAN
🔹The earliest candidate for hominin status is 🔹Sahelanthropus tchadensis,

5.8 🔹Orrorin tugenensis, oldest human ancestor may have walked on two legs

5.5 🔹Ardipithecus, “proto-human” sim traits as chimps/gorillas, forest-dwelling



Hominids are great apes incl us

🟪🟪Hominins follow after the split with the chimpanzee

🟪Genus Homo





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