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World Wars 1900 – 2000

1914-1918 First World War, notorious for its trench warfare and shell shock. End of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Habsburgs, as well as the Ottoman Empire, which is soon carved up by the British and French.

1917 The Tsar get disposed of in Russia and is replaced by a Bolshevik/communist government
1920-1933 Prohibition Era in the United States. Under the Volstead Act, wine is allowed for religious purposes and private ownership and consumption of alcohol is also allowed, but some states ban alcohol in its entirety. Opposition grows every year and the lost tax income begins to hurt the government when the Great Depression sets in in 1929. Overall consumption levels drop with a maximum of only 40 percent. In the first year overall crime rises by 24 percent, with organized crime, traditionally only involved in gambling and prostitution, being able to flourish with the added income of bootlegging.

1937 Beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War, with Japan’s invasion of China. Especially notorious for Japan’s massacre in Nanking (and other places) and operating Unit 731. The war will end with Japanese defeat at the end of World War II.

1930s Unconventional knowledge, but also fact: American, British and other western financial and industrial interests are sponsoring fascism in an attempt to suppress labor unions. FDR’s opposition to this policy, British opposition to Chamberlain’s (secret) support of this policy (appeasement), and Hitler‘s persecution of the Jews eventually makes an U.S.-Anglo-German alliance against the communist and socialist Soviet Union impossible. Now Hitler feels he has to first secure the Atlantic coast before attacking the Soviet Union. Everything escalates from here and the Second World War is a fact.

1933 Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany.
1939 -1945 Second World War between  Japan, Germany and Italy (the Axis) on the one hand and the UK United States,the Allies) on the other, with the communist Russians working on the side of the allies. As soon as Nazi Germany is defeated, radical elements in the U.S. government (Patton) want to continue the war, now against Russia, thinking it would be easy to conquer this nation with atomic weapons.

1945-1990 The Cold War
with many smaller conflicts spread around the globe. Otto von habsburg plays an important role in the Vatican-CIA alliance through private groups as Le Cercle.

Israel is created, giving the Jews a homeland after 2,000 years of living amongst other cultures. Immediately the Arab-Israel War breaks out.

Korean War.

Vietnam War.

1973Yom Kippur War between the Arabs and Israel
1979-1989 Soviet war in Afghanistan.
1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War.
1991 Gulf War I.
1994-1996 First Chechen War.
1999-2000 Second Chechen War.
2001 9/11, leading to an indefinite War on Terror.
2002 U.S.-Afghanistan War.
2003 Gulf War II.

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