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3.8/3.5 bya The Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA) is the most recent common ancestor of all current life on Earth in the Paleoarchean Era
🔴630 First life
🔴540 Cambrian
300 proto-mammal
220 Mammalia proliferation

160 Theria (Shrew)
65 Mammalia (Cenozoic)

52 Primate line

28 Hominoidea (great and lesser apes)
20 Hylobatidae (gibbon) and Hominidae diverge

15 Hominidae diverged from Ponginae (Orang-utan)
🔴14 Homininae (African great apes)
13-4 Hybridisation C-HLCA

7 Hominini (Homo/Pan) diverged from Gorillini

6 Hominina (man extant & extinct) diverged from Panina

PALEOLITHIC /THE STONE AGE (3million ya to Holocene)

3.3 🔹Hominin use of tools