Hmm … Breughal – what a Master! Corot …  Lautrec … dear Vincent … the Great Vermeer. All these wonderful giants of Art Portraiture.  Ah!  BURNT SIENNA … a rare find indeed !  A fine painter and draughtsman – those soft colours and exquisite composition – that sure line

“The Engraving Lover” by Honoré Daumier (1808 – 1879)

What have we here ? Some words on the back, scrawled with a fustic pencil ~ by a tremulous hand, me thinks.  I can with some focusing adjustments just about make out what the artist has written …
“As I limp towards the epilogue of my life, I am lamentably an artist without portfolio. An undiscovered bewildered child trapped in a septuagenarian’s body. In earlier times, my aspirations  had been many and varied, nay vacuous … a good singer – ideally to have sung some opera. I have a fine baritone voice nurtured by my father when as a choir-boy he inspired me to embrace classical music and  song. Later, I spent some time in a disused flour-mill; its shuttered wings, fluttering and flapping in a north-westerly, were to awaken my interest in gluten-free Aerophonics a writer of vague prose and, perhaps, to be recognised as a discordant poet with arrhythmic concordance.
But life is, like music, transient and whimsical.
I remember at my Alma Mater singing the school anthem – Gaudeamus Igitur, beautifully adapted in Brahms Festival Overture … and the line “Vita nostra brevis est” was an unknown truth at the time
I must do my best  now to appear sane and sensible, & mask any form of insanity and make all this seem, like Life, to have design and purpose, when it is in fact a load of ol’ tosh”

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