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Walter Sickert was an english painter in 19th-century British Impressionism.
Born into a Danish-German family in Munich, and moved to London in 1868, Walter had shown early artistic talent and studied painting at the Slade School, London. For a while he was J. Whistler’s assistant
Later in Paris he worked with Edgar Degas.

This is a drawing by me of Sickert looking down at one of his prostitute victims
In 1885 he married Ellen Cobden, The marriage was childless and unhappy. Ellen divorced him in 1899. In 1911 he married Christine Drummond Angus, his student, who was eighteen years his junior. She died in 1920.
Sickert had studios in the East End, a working-class section of London, where between August and November 1888 five prostitutes were murdered. In 1909, he produced a series of paintings, known as the Camden Town Murders, which were based on these killings by Jack the Ripper.
One of Sickert’s works was named “Jack the Ripper’s Bedroom”. His studio become the centre for young artists, which, at Sickert’s suggestion, called themselves the Camden Town Group From 1924 Sickert was an associate of the Royal Academy, and later, for a short period, its President. As a well-known figure, he met briefly Winston Churchill, a talented amateur painter, who invited him to Chartwell to give advice on technique.
In Portrait of a Killer by P. Cornwell she claims that Sickert is the  serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

St Nicholas Churchyard

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