Mum & Dad’s first-born child, Joan

Born at Home ~ 46 Cooke Street.
Date of Birth 6 November 1943
Date of Death 7 November 1943
Age 9 Hours  Sex Female
Date of Burial  8 November 1943
Belfast City Cemetery (Glenalina)

Our sister  Joan, was born during the Seige of Leningrad
She was born late on the 6th of November 1943,
a Saturday evening
And died nine hours later, on Sunday morning.
The next  morning, Monday 8th, Dad carried her, in a prepared casket, up Cooke Street and crossed over the Ormeau Road.
Walking up McClure street he reached the gentle curve of Cromwell Road and walked across the Botanic Avenue.
Going up the Crescent he reached the Lisburn Poad, passing the Old Peoples’ Park, which was just across from where Dad had grown up – Sandy Row
A few 100 yards further he arrived at the City Hospital.
He went into the Hospital and Joan was taken by the attendant to a quiet room.
How long he stayed …  I don’t know
Dad returned home  … alone
Joan was later taken , with others, to a Burial Plot at the Glenalina Section of the City Cemetery.
How he felt carrying her little body … I never asked him.
When you are young ….Life is fun
And you never consider, in any way,  how your parents are feeling or had felt during a tragedy.