Mammalia 2

The earliest-known eutherian mammal hunting on a tree fern. A shrew-like animal that snagged insects from ferns lining the shores of freshwater lakes

when the dinosaurs roamed



⭕️⭕️C – Mammalia: Animals with hair, give birth to live


young, nourish young with milk. There are ⬛️20


orders of mammals,      (20 Orders)

160 Subclass🔹Theria Mammals that give birth to live young (i.e., non-egg-laying)

   {Subclass METATHERIA (Marsupials)}

   {Subclass PROTOTHERIA (Monotremes)}

👤 125 Subclass EUTHERIA (Placental)

        {SO Euarchontoglires➡️ ScandentiaTupaiidae➡️Glires➡️Rodentia Lagomorph}

124-101 MagnorderBoreoeutheria Superorder Euarchontoglire

100 Supraprimates: primates, colugos, tree shrews, rodents, and rabbits

99-80 GrandorderEuarchont Primates, colugos, and tree shrews

79.6 Mirorder🔹PRIMATOMORPHA  2 orders

             {Order Dermoptera (Cynocephalus volans/Colugos}


below are some of the most


commonly seen.




🔹O – Chiroptera: Forelimbs modified for flight.


Ex. bats.


🔹O – Insectivora: Typically small body size.


Small eyes. Elongate snout. Simple cheek


teeth. Pelage of one hair type. Ex. shrews


and moles.


🔹O – Rodentia: Typically small body size. One


pair of upper and lower incisors.


Ex. mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels,


marmots, porcupines.


🔹O – Lagomorpha: Long ears. Indistinct or small


tail. Soles of feet covered with fur. Two


pair of upper incisors (second pair behind


the first pair. Ex. rabbits, hares, pikas.


🔹O – Carnivora: Medium to large body size. Limbs


variable in structure. Claws. Large,


pointed, curved canine teeth. Ex. weasels,


mongooses, raccoons, cats, hyaenas, dogs,




🔹O – Perissodactyla: Limbs similar. Hoofs. Odd


number of toes. Ex. horses, zebras,


tapirs, rhinoceroses.


🔹O – Artiodactyla: Limbs similar. Hoofs. Even


number of toes. Ex. pigs, peccaries,


hippopotamuses, camels, deer, giraffes,


cattle, sheep, antelopes.


⭕️⭕️O – Primates: Opposable thumb. Finger nails.


Large brain case. Ex. lemurs, monkeys,


marmosets, apes, humans.


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