Neil Shawcross (b.1940)

profile_information of Neil Shawcross RUA ARHA (b.1940) Neil was born in Kearseley, Lancashire,He studied at the Bolton College of Art (1955-1958) and the Lancashire College of Art (1958-1960).

In 1962 he came to Belfast as a part-time lecturer at the College of Art, which I went to in September 1965

Neil was my Lecturer in Life Drawing until Spring 1966 Other than my Father, no kinder man lived. He was courteous helpful and a good friend. The parties we all went to in the Woodstock Area. The fun and friendship was cut short by my being expelled from College for being myself. He became full-time at the renamed Ulster College of Art and Design in 1968.

In 1969 he exhibited at the RUA for the first time, and in 1975 won the Academy’s Conor Award. He won the Academy’s Gold Medal no fewer than five times, between 1978 and 1997. He was made an academician in 1978, and, more recently, an associate member of RHA in 2002.

Shawcross is particularly admired for his portraits, his commissions including portraits of fellow artist Colin Middleton; novelist Frances Stuart (now in the Ulster Museum), and David Cook for the Lord Mayor’s Gallery at the Belfast City Hall. (My ancestor named Thompson is reputed to have a portrait hanging there)

He has exhibited In one-man shows in London, Manchester, Dublin, and Belfast.

Examples of his work can be found in every major public collection in Ireland, and privately , including my home.

I have two oil paintings of Neil’s:  “Green Poppies’ and  “Yellow Poppies”

And a water-colour of a guitar”Waltz”

I would love to meet him soon before the chemistry alters …


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