United Nations : 10 point Charter For Libya

1 Blow the shag out of the wog
2 Use the word “Democracy” extensively
3 Bear false witness( Send in Lord Blur of Property Inc.
4 Have a no-fly zone above Libya (except for our bombers)
5 Bomb constantly from safe civilised south coast of England
6 Be precise when killing
7 Make sure the slaughter is one-sided
8 Remove Gadaffi’s progeny (kill his children and grandchildren)
9 Kill other children and some civilians (oops!)
10 DON’T MENTION (oil)

Post-Untidiness Charter:

Enter Tripoli only when safe to do so!
Scrape the bodies off the dirt tracks before Cameron and Sarkozy arrive!
Stand on balcony waving at distant objects(remaining Wogs)

State this is your victory
We never set foot on your land
(just precision explosives)

Smile broadly and applaud the assembled Wogs

Shake hands with Oil Barons

Draw up Business plans
For post-Gadaffic free Islamic Libya!

Democracy rules!