Herr Krump

Herr Krump

“Yo like vat yo see, M’sieur Mackrel?” trilled the Frau. Mac did indeed. “The Rhone has nothing on this …. ah! Black Forest gateau ….he mused, licking his thin lips.
“Spread your charms my dear; bestride the whole of Europe;
Together we will control everything ~ You  in zee uro-room ; me in ze bedroom! ”
Frau Shrek angled her thrust and discharged her duties !
Mac was ecstatic.
“You’re oh…formidable;
you’re oh…incredible ;
you’re oh..indefatigable ;
you’re  my ‘ero ; my ‘ero !
sans doubte , avec plaisir !

Then they composed almost intuitively
a little  roundelay, thus :

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=613nUS1m3j8&height=20&autoplay=on[/embedyt]
Tenor : “I am not too tall
Alto : I will be your pet;
Tenor : I am in your thrall
Alto : I am in your debt”
Chorus : Pass me ze Saurkraut

Tenor : I am fit and slim
Alto : I am round and gay
Tenor : I am firm  and trim
Alto : I am je ne sais
Pass me ze Sauerkraut

Tenor : If I may be bold
Alto : Yes You may m’sieur
Tenor : May  I kiss and hold
Alto : You may try un peu !
Pass me ze Sauerkraut

T: I am in your bra
A: I am in your vest
T: I am in your hah!!
A: It is for ze best
Pass me ze Sauerkraut

T: I am at the top
A: You are such a goer!
T: I’m about to pop
A: Can you  go no more ?
Pass me ze Sauerkraut

T: I can go no lower
A: I can go no higher
T: Go a little slower
A: You are such a trier
Pass me the Sauerkraut

T: I am in a spin
A: I am in a spot
T: I want further in
A: You are there mein Gott
Pass me ze Sauerkraut

T: We must hold on tight
A: We must  not undo
T: We must win the night
A: I must  tootle oo
Pass me the Sauerkraut

… As  for the British … some Pâté de fois gras
A toute a l’heure   de moi a toi
I must get some air ….
Ich wollte ihr nurTschüs
Let go my tuch
Auf frenzisane