21 May 2018 By Burnt Off


 index is an alphabetical listing of items  

An index page is also known as main page or front page. Index page helps to find the related topic with ease and saves precious time. With the help of index page we can straight away open the related topic without going through the pages.


Any other additional information written at the end of an article or book and it is not the part of the main topic or subject under consideration is known as appendix. It gives extra information to the reader and clarifies the concept more efficiently.


An addition to information is called annex. It is about the topic or main body of the subject under discussion. It elaborates the topic and is helpful in understanding topic.

Table of contents

in table of contents parts of book are listed and thus making it easy to find the required topic without wasting precious time. It contains description or chapter titles.

Index Vs Appendix Vs Annex Vs Table of Contents

Index is the front page of any book while appendix is the information given at the end of the topic not related with the topic. Annex is the extra information just as appendix but it is related to topic and tends to elaborate it on the other hand table of contents shows parts of book and chapter headings making it easy for the reader to access his required topic without wasting time.