As many archaeologists have noted, the behaviors of living people around the world are hugely varied, and most of them are paralleled within the record of Neanderthals and other archaic people. One thing that H. naledi reminds us is that the development of technology is a broader issue than the origin of modern humans.
In Eurasia, Middle Paleolithic tool assemblages were made by Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans when they arrived. In Africa, we have to assume that Middle Stone Age was also a product of multiple populations, at least archaic and early modern humans, and likely H. naledi.
Modern humans arose from a complex process. The answers to these questions are not simple. Our evolution may have encompassed many parts of Africa, but it certainly was not uniform, and right now it looks like the subequatorial part of the story was especially complex and interesting.
We have to discover more fossils. That’s the way that we will start to solve these new problems and shed light on old mysteries.❌❌


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