Prose Toast : Religion – The 10 Demandments

The Secret Society Motto:
Huddled together in the darkly lit inner sanctum,they sat deep in silent contemplation 
Mother Mandy , knees touching, Hands clasped, sat stone-faced
Brother Blurr held tightly on to his fat suitcase
 Briar Fox,head lowered in prayer Eyes tight shut visibly trembling.
 Sister Solipsis was the first to speak;and started reciting the 10 arch-demandments:
"Morem thanus  unum needum"
 His Most Worshipful The High Commissioner For Financial IrregularitiesHer Most holy honourable very very Important Executive of Fiscal Flattery
The Lords and Ladies of noble birth
The extremely unimaginably venerated divine very very reverend Lord Viscount Bottom and at his rear,The androgynous Dame of inestimable charmlessness and obliqueness
The Lionised most Masterful Mandy and Partner.
 1Thou shalt not be seen when in flagrante delicto.
 2Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s ass ;whip it!
3 Honour thy DNA that thy days may be long upon the yacht that the Lord thy Gosh giveth thee.
4 Thou shalt  not bear false witness   Except to save thine own skin.
5 Thou shall not kill  Unless the enemy is a wog ,helpless and directly below thee in thine sights and can not fight back!
6 Thou shall not steal(there was a titter from Mandy)
 7Thou shall not be caught out (How they had transgressed on that one!)
8 Honour thy banker and thy money that thy  days  may be long upon the Board that the Lord thy Greed giveth thee.
9 Remember to keep wholly everything that thou acquireth  through thine Machiavellian financial undertakings.
10 ??



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