Fourteen Billion Years

14 billion

The Universe comes into existence. It continues to expand until this day, with the expectation that at some future point everthing will start to contract again: the “Big Crunch”.

13 billion The Formation of the Milky Way galaxy.  It is roughly 100,000 light-years in diameter and contains between 100 and 400 billion stars. The sun is one of these stars. There are billions of other galaxies.
4.6 billion The Formation of The Solar System , a Planetary system with the Sun at its center, within the Milky Way Galaxy.
 99%  of  matter that formed our Solar System was pulled towards the center. It ignited into a self-sustaining process of thermonuclear fusion ~ THE SUN

4.54 billion

The Creation of The Earth.

4.4 billion Formation of the Moon, most likely due to an impact between the earth and an object the size of Mars.
3.8 billion First evidence of simple prokaryotic cells, the earliest forms of life.
2.4-2.1 bn . The Huronian glaciation. The first ice age we know of. It might be linked to the first free oxygen appearing in earth’s atmosphere through photosynthetic bacteria.
850-625 m Cryogenian glaciation, the second major ice age.