In A Ratt Investment Haus … lived a long forgotten mouse 
Whose diversion when perturbed was the written English word
He began each day by playing:
“Choose a Word, a Line, a Saying;
Multiply it by Illogic
And divide its Logarithm
By the sum of its Iambic 
To the base of Rhyme and Rhythm” with ‘imself.

Mein Gott! He was lonely
With each passing hour was solely
Occupied with Etymology
And deviate Philology
Analysing quaint abstractions (Though he was quite often trite)
But the sad thing was his passion for the esoteric fashion
Of inventing aphorisms Willy – nilly all the da
These included pithy maxims
(Which he signed with his initials)
And did cause High Church Officials
To reflect on their profession.

He inverted hyperglyphics;
Controverted Mesolithic
Rearranged each preposition
Conjugating as he wrote.
Interchanged the grammar syntax
Rearranged the nounal endings
Redefined the adjectival
Formulating on the trot

Took to postulating epithets
Writing strict and overfly.
As the years increasing past 
More and more he grew obtuse
Finding less and less excuse
For forgetting ; in a trance
Eyesight failing,
All things paling
Into insignificance

Why and when and who and what
Answers he had quite forgot
When and what and who and why
Query how we live and die
Who and why and what and when
(Make a listing one to ten)
Why and when and what and who
Knowledge elevates the few

These invalid rogatives
These bald interrogatives
Time removed and age defined
Maus was losing cells in line
Changed from lofty rhetoric

Manners grew intemperate;
Write becoming ill -defined
Thoughts were loose inside his mind
More deranged and loose of word;
Found that life was quite absurd.

Then Silence came and with its Damn
Loosing teeth and blackened palm
Falling prostate at the Lie
Depose the order of his Eye
Looking through A sea of red
Crawling to the Tomb of Dead

Raus Maus