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The Browns were Presbyterian, and were almost certainly Scots in origin.  DNA evidence has now virtually confirmed that the  Browns descend from a family of Scottish Covenanters who came to Ulster sometime before 1710. The Browns were also staunch members of the Orange Order.  In 1928 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the congregation a John George Brown of Maryland left a donation of £100 to the congregation. And the congregational War Memorial for 1939-45 lists a W. Brown.  The following persons are listed in the Armagh Muster Roll of 1630: George Brown, John Brown, Alexander Browne, George Browne, John Browne, Martin Browne, Nathaniel Browne, Richard Browne, Robert Browne.  However there is no indication where in Armagh any of these people lived.  (

A branch of the family remained in Tandragee through the 18th and 19th centuries.


This family of Scottish Covenanters  were originally of Lowland origins (Anglo, not Celt).  They migrated from somewhere in Lowland Scotland, most likely from south-western Scotland as this is where the majority of Covenanter emigrations occurred.  They immigrated to Armagh sometime in the late 17th or very early 18th century when one branch of the family moved to Pennsylvania, USA in pursuit of the climate of religious tolerance found there.