Prose Toast : The Woodcutter

Look Children !
Look there!


Look  …is it Peter?

He is coming out of his Shed!
Yes  ! It is Peter !
He is a Woodcutter.
Can anyone tell me what Peter does?
Yes …very good … he cuts wood
Yes he is a very good Sawyer

A sawyer is a man who cuts wood

A Woodcutter

Where would we be children without a Woodcutter?

Still living up trees…

very good Jennifer…
Peter has bought a very big shed
He is very good and very careful  with the sawdust
He takes his time
And in fact everybody else’s time

But he is a good man

He lives next door to the Broons

They are very lucky

Do you want to be a woodcutter
when you grow up ?
So many pieces of wood
to cut into….
in to as many wee pieces as you can
put a match to.







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