The Book on the Table

16 April 2018 By Burnt 0


The Gentleman sat down and picked up a book lying on the tobacco-stained oak side-table

hard-backed with crumpled edges He opened the cover and turned to the preface

The preface suggested a theoretical explanation for Life arising and in particular the  Origination  of our mysterious comrade Burnt …

Chapter 1 ~ A booklet of Little Substance
By The Very Very Right Reverend (rightly so)
Doctor Georgina llewellyn Button
Bishop (Emerita)

A beautiful afternoon outside in my walled garden beside the manse A perfect place to reflect on my past landlord
Who earlier in my life had chosen me to be his disciple
Alas I had fallen from his grace with my constant questioning
And need for explanations
I am no longer his spokesperson

Welcome all to this defrocked cleric’s
Meanderings on the Godhead

I imagine that LIFE could be defined as temporal : transitory and limited.
Defining  god is a very difficult proposition but it would be fair to say that
God may be logically described as Infinite.
It seems unlikely and a tad human for an infinite Being to create in a finite fashion
Indeed why would an infinite being WANT to create ?

Another point to consider is Time
Time is not a concomitant of Creationism
Creation is in an instant
Let’s see ~ we’ll have some marsupials  stuck in a warp in the Antipodes
Mmm .. maybe a wasp which lays its eggs in another living organism …
And say a great big animal living in the sea and having to hold its breath to stop drowning

Parameters  are an adjunct to reasoning ~ surely an infinite Entity does not need parameters.
It doesn’t need to reason and in fact doesn’t reason;
It does not speculate  nor does It preconceive ,
And more importantly, It would NOT make errors .

Evolution is error after error
And so Evolution would NOT be a required framework for a god
Evolution requires Time; an awful lot of time

for example 30 million years between the first land plant and the first flowering plant
Evolution is speculative
The tree diagram is ill-conceived we need to fell the tree to understand evolution better  (a better analogy would be more like a river after heavy rain, meandering across dry brush and cracked clay without direction and merely  following  the contours of the land)

In addition …. If the ground were extraporous we would not even see the water and would never know of the river’s existence

But then … How did Life come about ?