Roger Whittaker Whistles ..

Timeline Man

The Cordwainer

Solar system 2

Betty Broderick

Evolutionary Reptilian Features

Ancient Britons

In The Clouds

The English Language

African eMigration

The Rift Valley

Ho surveyed his kingdom “ I has dominion ober all dis LAN’ ”
Wha ! … he has me talking’ like hisself …

Where does ah star’ ? Ah is confused

Ah needs things but ah doesn’t know whats a want …

Ah needs to get about ah needs locamoshun

Ah needs good boots … ma boots needs shinin’ .

In fact , ah needs boots…

Ah.needs…….. Ah..needs…… Ah don’ knows what ah wants…

Ah is goin’ for a kip!”

So Man took his first tentative steps  along an
evolutionary path  that would eventually bring him to Ireland
and the start of a journey filled with intense arbitrariness and prolonged periods of inactivity and turpitude.

But we run too swiftly….

….Let us return to the Rift Valley