The Salon

15 April 2018 By Burnt Off

            This is a tale, told in a perhaps overly fragmented fashion, to help us understand the origins of man and his fellow  creatures ~ the myriad of life forms that inhabit this planet Earth. Some of these concepts are explained simply and fatuously. Others will be explained less crudely.
The raison d’etre for our existence will be considered with varying hypotheses based on empirical evidence
Some comments will stretch credulity to its extremes but that is the nature of Faith: a device used to clarify the incomprehensible with non-evidence and  to make truthful that which is unverifiable.

My thanks to the Staff for their supply of paper and pencil and encouraging me to keep at it – even though bouts of Mania would prevent  me from thinking clearly.
Removing the strait-jacket was kindness personified

A wee story yet to be chosen

Scientific Man is moving into an understanding of this randomness.
Baseman (religion) is set on War
Baseman can not reflect and ponder; he “knows”better

Scientific Man WANTS to know.
Base Man thinks his place is superior to the other Better construction
Better insulation
Finer and more sophisticated More advanced.BaseMan is planning major War on his neighbour

He plans to cause a Big Bang
Then we shall see whose carbon atoms are better

God is Black
God has flared nostrils and tight curly hair
God started Man’s adventure in The Rift Valley on the continent Of Africa
God made Man in his own imago
God is probably a very good hurdler………

Dramatis Internatus

PLACE : In an empty Salon on a dry dusty street
TIME : Not as yet ascertained
DRAMATIS personae


APRON by Belfast Linen Company (on loan)


Once upon a sweltering half-day afternoon, downtown, Upstate, there were
two hairdressers  ~ Mo, the proprietor, who was sitting with legs akimbo, staring  out of the wide front window. And Ho, his protegė, who was on bended knee,  brush and pan in hand, attending to his duties.
They were exchanging views as to ways to upbeat the salon … but were sadly at odds …
Customers: not a sinner

“Sweep it into de pan, damn it! Into it! not over it  – fo’ sakes … we needs to keep what little clientele we’s got ” stormed Mo
Their clients were tetrapods of varying characteristics but all with a full-bodied coat of hair  that needed regular grooming  – critters of a lowly breed you might suppose but the bipeds were very scant in numbers ..
Ho bent down and continued clearing the floor of assorted fur clippings
Light grey,mid grey, dark grey, light brown, mid brown, dark brown, black, off black, black with white streaks, white with black streaks;
Ginger, awful ginger, straight and curly; half curly, wavy, not so wavy
Tight curls, loose curls, straight bits with curly ends; curly bits with straight ends; short clippings Very short clippings, not so short, so so short ; dust, thick dust; dust mixed with hair; hair mixed with gel; gel mixed with dust

All this cleaning – and for what ?
Ho hated his lowly position  and had wanted so much mo’  from  Mo
But no!  Mo wanted this and Mo wanted that …
Mo always got what he wanted … lording himself over everybody

Ho got stiffly up and joined Mo’s gaze at the outside world ; he languorously swept his hair back and inhaled deeply
A baking hot mid afternoon in The Rift Valley – not a biped on the street.
Jesus! we needs somethin’ ” he breathed prophetically. then turned to Mo
“Bitch! I hate you! my knees hurt! my eyes ache!
My nails ,look at my nails!”

Mo smiled grimly , shook his wild Olympian mane and turned to his protėgé
” Ah does all ah can to make yo happy !
Ah is up all night worrying about yo and dis pitiful place
I knows yo needs guidance
I knows yo  is vulnerable but I can’ts  figger nuttin’ out
with yo abou’ – I is at a loss …
Ho looked up at Mo
You know ive always been wondering … “why does you been talkin like a blackman? ”

” Ah IS a blackman ” cried Mo …