A European Muddle

You’re a Pain!

Will you talk a little lower
Said the Frenchman to the Frau
There’s a PM close behind us
And he’s treading on our how

Will you won’t you
Won’t you join the eu?

He is being independent
Said the Maiden to the Stump
And is causing us disservice
We must rid us of this rump

Can we manage our intentions
Said the president of France
While he hovers on the edge so
Will we get another chance?

We must rid ourselves of Britain
Said the German to the Frank
It has sterling;we are owners
Of the European Bank

We must put aside our diff’rence
Said the Franco to the Spud
And together change the Euro
We must nip it in the bud

Will you let me in your boudoire?
Said Sarkozy to the Hun.
I don’t like you but I have to;
Let’s together have some fun

Thank you for your invitation
Said the German chancellor
We must join our selves together
Come inside my pet boudoir

Well done T’resa we’re delighted
Said the Commons to a man
With your stance against the euro
As you  Scotch their europlan
.. ..  Don’t accommodate their plan

How they clapped;
How they applauded
When she strode into the room
All attested
All divested
And Averted euro doom

But one man was sadly missing
Hid  himself far out of sight
Deputised and liberated
In the middle left of right
Well he might

Never was there one so useless
Talk with empty rhetoric
Bland,insipid,false and facile
Quite indifferent is our Nick

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